Credit for distance learning – The way to the future

In most cases, distance learning is a double burden: in addition to the actual job, a certain amount of learning has to be mastered and in addition there are the often not insignificant costs that are to be covered with normal earnings.

It is not uncommon, however, that the obligations cannot all be reconciled at the same time. It is important to set priorities here. If distance learning is to be successfully completed as quickly as possible, full or partial financing by means of a credit for distance learning is recommended.

Which credit is suitable for distance learning?

Which credit is suitable for distance learning?

There are a number of student loans on the credit market. However, these are subject to the restriction that they can often only be used for a face-to-face course at a technical college or university and therefore cannot be used as a credit for a distance learning course. Those who still want to finance this must usually switch to the usual offers on the credit market. The problem is that income drops as soon as less time is spent on the job. If you switch to a part-time contract and therefore only receive half of your previous income, you have a much lower amount available for loan repayment.

The education loan, which is granted by the Lite Lender, offers an alternative. This is aimed specifically at pupils and students in advanced training phases. This credit for distance learning is combined with a very favorable effective interest rate of less than 1.5%, which makes the educational loan a very cheap alternative compared to the usual offers on the market. No other costs are charged.

How education loan works?

How education loan works?

The education loan works in a similar way to a normal student loan. This means that payments are made in installments. Up to 24 monthly installments with amounts between 100 and 300 dollars can be claimed. A one-time payment of up to 3,600 dollars can also be requested. It does not matter what type of training is. Rather, it is explicitly pointed out that the educational loan can be used for secondary and subsequent training. To simplify matters, there is no need to provide proof of achievement, as is usually the case with normal student loans.

It is also straightforward with the repayment of this loan for distance learning. If desired, this can only begin four years after payment of the first installment, which allows enough time to find the way back from the training phase to working life. The education loan also brings low monthly installments of 120 dollars or more, which again simplifies repayment. In addition, extraordinary repayments can be made free of charge at any time.

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