Credit card with international insurance

If you travel a lot and want to use a credit card, you should think about offers with an integrated international insurance. You can find out here what this additional service is useful for and what you should pay attention to. for further explanation

What international insurance for?

What international insurance for?

Everyone is familiar with normal health insurance. It is concluded with the health insurance company and protects the vacationer’s wallet. Of course, an accident isn’t a nice experience, but at least you don’t have to worry about it financially.

Info: In the USA, a day in the hospital costs around 2,000 USD. In the intensive care unit, there are up to 10,000 USD – every day! There will be additional expenses for the return transport: 10,000 USD will be due from nearby Mallorca. For Australia you can add a zero, because the cost is 100,000 USD.

“ These numbers are shocking, but I’m covered by my health insurance. “Many German consumers think that or something similar. That is a fallacy. To enjoy full insurance coverage, you must take out extra travel insurance. A credit card with foreign insurance is a convenient solution to the problem. Depending on the offer, it covers all of the risks mentioned.

What insurance benefits are included?

What insurance benefits are included?

Travel insurance is particularly important in other EU countries. The costs are sometimes higher than in Europe. In addition, the statutory health insurance in Africa, America, Asia or Australia does not step in. In the EU, the fund only reimburses expenses in the amount of the basic service. An expensive return transport to Germany is not included in the basic package.

Benefits of a credit card with international insurance:

  • Reimbursement of all treatment costs
  • free choice of doctor and hospital
  • Dentist costs
  • Taking over the return transport

International insurance is an additional benefit. It is not automatically included in every credit card! In the event of damage, you must submit the documents quickly. Keep all receipts carefully and insist on an invoice. The card issuer has an emergency hotline that you can contact directly. The exact procedure is explained to you there.

What are the costs?

What are the costs?

Especially those who travel several times a year benefit from a credit card with integrated international insurance. The consumer does not need to take out extra insurance. Spontaneous travel is easily possible, as longer stays of 6 weeks are covered. In the event of an accident, you are protected from a mountain of debt. Some providers transfer protection to your family members!

However, there are some limitations. You should pay attention to the small print, especially with international insurance as additional services for credit cards: the stay can be limited to 4 weeks. Some providers offer insurance coverage of up to 6 months. Sometimes countries like Russia are excluded. Check the scope before deciding on a card institute. The deductible is another key figure. You are familiar with this cost factor from vehicle insurance. That is the minimum amount that you have to contribute. A deductible of up to USD 100 may also apply to international insurance.

Tip: combine several insurance policies into one package. There are useful benefits such as travel cancellation insurance. The organizer charges 20 to 90 percent of cancellation costs! With the credit card you are advised cheaper. Luggage insurance is often included. If the additional costs are minimally higher, this entire package could be worthwhile.

The international insurance can be subject to additional conditions. Some service providers expect that the vacation is largely financed by credit card. This includes hotel costs, rental cars or fuel charges. Other providers waive this and set a certain turnover. This can amount to 50 USD a year – you are insured with a supermarket purchase. For security, you should inquire about the activation conditions at customer service.

Read the exclusion conditions! Many credit card providers do not cover costs above the national rate. Not all illnesses are covered by the international insurance. Chronic illnesses, grossly negligent behavior or previous illnesses can be excluded from.


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